Iphone 5 podcast app issues

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Podcasts Playing Too Fast on iPhone? Here’s the Fix

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Apple’s iOS Podcasts App Gets Promised Update With More Stability And Bug Fixes

Community Music services and sources Podcast control and dropout issues after last Sono I have been having issues playing back downloaded podcasts on my iPhone 5S that seem to have started when I downloaded the last Sonos app update. The issues are: Sonos app indicates that communication with iPhone was lost. Some background: I have had these two Play 5's for years. Up until recently I believe it was with the last Sonos app update I had no issues playing back podcasts that had been downloaded to this iPhone.

When looking at "on this iPhone" the podcasts listed were only the podcasts that I had downloaded.

Apple Podcasts

There was rarely ever any playback issues. Now I cant get through a 30 minute podcast without it stopping multiple times. I tried a brand new iPhone 7 with the latest Sonos app and it did the same thing.

The 5 Best Podcast Apps for Android and iPhone

These iPhones have no other issues with other apps and then network so it's not the iPhone. Both iPhones have latest iOS. The control dot disappearing was a known issue a while back and that issue resolved with a past update, but now the issue has returned intermittently. I'm thinking this has something to do with the way the latest Sonos app update is interpreting the downloaded podcast library on the iPhone.

Diagnostic submitted: Keith N. Hi there, Dwayne. Thanks for posting and sharing your diagnostic information. Out of curiosity, do you happen to have any other devices in your home that use AirPlay? I ask because the team is currently tracking a problem where if there are any other AirPlay devices on the local network AppleTV, Sky Q Cable Boxes, AirPort Expresses, other AirPlay destinations , content streamed directly from "on this iPhone" will drop out and stop.

The best way to test this would be to turn off AirPlay and see if the problems persist. Let me know if this sounds familiar. Klipsch RM x2 ].

Apple iOS Omits Key Fixes

I turned off Airplay on both my Apple TV boxes, and it now works great! Thanks, Keith! There is no way to disable the Airplay on its own so I completely disabled the wireless and Bluetooth on the receiver. I can report that there was some improvement in the dropouts, however they didn't disappear completely.

So, obviously there is an improvement but not a complete resolution. This is also not the "lock screen" issue because I tried disabling lock screen and it had no effect either. Like 0 Quote.

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Jeff S. Hi Dwayne, We released version 9. Please update your system and test things out. You can read more here. Help others find useful content by clicking the like button and selecting the best answer to your question. Dwayne wrote: Jeff S wrote: This morning, after disabling my guest network completely, I tried to stream a podcast and it stopped playback twice in the first 5 minutes.

So as expected, the guest network is not the issue. I also did a wifi scan at the time and my router was the only SSID on channel 2.

How-To Setup and Play Podcasts on Apple Watch

There is clearly something else going on. As I mentioned before, this wasn't happening at all a few months ago before the last Sonos app update. I have submitted another diagnostic this morning for reference: There is no way to keep the wifi enabled and disable Airplay separately on my receiver. Obviously, this is a work around but it certainly isn't a fix.

Thanks, Dwayne. Podcasts drop out frequently and either start from the beginning or move to the next in the queue. Unacceptable IMO. Wolfe on September 4, An Apple Watch Podcasts app is here. With Apple Watch support, the Podcasts app and its content will automatically sync across your iPhone and wearable device. As such, shows and episodes you subscribe to on your iPhone will also be available on the Apple Watch Podcasts app.

Beyond this, podcasts are downloaded when Apple Watch is connected to power and placed near your iPhone. Episodes downloaded to your Apple Watch are available even when out of range of iPhone. Played episodes are removed from the wearable device by default. Add Episodes From and Notifications.

Overcast Background

Under Add Episodes From, you can have all the shows under Listen Now on the Podcasts app for iPhone carried over the Apple Watch the default , or choose Custom and select only the ones on want. By default, podcast Notifications mirror those on your iPhone. Apple has designed the Apple Watch Podcasts app to look similar to the Music app.

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