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In that case you're likely running Office--and with tools such as Live Mesh or Dropbox, you can easily move documents back and forth. However, this arrangement assumes that you have client software running on both your PC and your mobile device.

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I don't have Quickoffice for the iPhone, because I use my phone mainly for browsing, not editing. Quickoffice is also available for Android devices. Google Docs lets you edit and share files easily, but you must be connected to the Internet. But you might not want to pay for client software on multiple systems--that can get expensive, fast. You can save money by sticking to a cloud-based office suite. The downside of such services, of course, is that if you aren't connected to the Internet, you don't have access to the apps. Also, if the cloud service itself is down, then none of your devices can use the service.

How to copy files to, or from a BlackBerry powered by Android smartphone using Windows

On the upside, using cloud-based services is cheaper than buying several office suites at their most basic level, the services are usually free , and you can more easily share documents with other people. The granddaddy of these services--in product maturity, if not age--is Google Docs. It's free for individual users; paid subscriptions, plus support, are offered for businesses. Microsoft has a similar service called Office Live; it works well, but the individual apps are a little less elegant than Google Docs.

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Microsoft also provides Office , a paid version. Office is a more-robust package for small businesses, integrating a host of client- and cloud-based applications, but it requires a per-user monthly subscription. Overall, sharing and editing office documents is much easier today than it was even two years ago. Getting everything to flow in both directions seamlessly still takes a little time and effort. But document syncing is more powerful now, and it makes working across long distances much easier.

How to Sync Your PC, Smartphone, and Tablet

Of all the usage scenarios, this one may be the most difficult to deal with. But the problem itself is easier to parse when it comes to platforms. Business users often work with three devices: You sync your contacts and calendar with your iOS device on a per-device level. If you're running some flavor of Microsoft Office, syncing the calendar and contact manager on your PC with those on your smartphone has become a little easier: A number of iOS and Android tools can sync Office schedules and contacts with mobile devices.

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On the iOS side, syncing is built in, though you do need to run iTunes. You have to sync your contacts and calendar on a per-device level, so if you have both an iPad and iPhone, you'll need to set them up individually. MyPhoneExplorer offers one way to get your Android phone to sync with Outlook. OBEX Errorcode: Sa Jul 23, Further to my post on I want this because I travel frequently and would like to be able to use MyPhoneExplorer in Linux to update my phone's phone book while I'm staying in hotels.

FJ Site Admin Anmeldedatum: Cause USB: Bitte benutzt auch die Forum-Suche bzw. Thanks for replying, FJ. FJ hat Folgendes geschrieben: Cause Bluetooth: Here it is in case it is of help to anyone I have changed my MAC address, for reasons of privacy: Checking current rfcomm status Find channel of MyPhoneExplorer Client: Browsing Service RecHandle: Headset Gateway Service RecHandle: Handsfree Gateway Service RecHandle: Object Push Service RecHandle: UUID Mo Jul 25, I have now created a blog post covering in detail my experience with the installation and use of MPE in Linux: Nico Gast.

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Mi Jul 27, I strictly followed the instructions as given on the first page. I am quite new to Linux, and would be happy to hear any suggestions. Fr Jul 29, As I mentioned in my blog post my previous post refers , you need to configure your firewall or disable it to allow network traffic between your PC and the phone. I see from your latest comment in my blog post that you did this and are now able to connect. AAvR Gast.

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This also works much the same with CrossOver, the commercial variant of wine, with a few differences: Create a new bottle: Select your new bottle, click the tab 'Applications' and 'Install Software', then select from the category 'Runtime Support Components' select and install into the bottle Microsoft xml Parser 3 and Visual Basic 6 this is much the same as with wine but menu-driven via the 'manage bottles' window 3.

As per 2. Because the paths are different in CrossOver, you need to create a different symlink: Mi Sep 21, I finally succeeded in getting bluetooth working in my linux puppy Linux exprimo I installed 1. I can connect to the phone Ki now. My problem now is, that the icons on top of the right data pane aren't operable. So not able to synchronize. I use Wine 1. Mi Dez 14, Cable baskets can offer your business a variety of different benefits.

my phone explorer per blackberry My phone explorer per blackberry
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my phone explorer per blackberry My phone explorer per blackberry
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