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Eye Protector is an effective screen filter which can reduce the blue light to protect and relax your eyes, making it easier for you to fall asleep at night.

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Eye care becomes easy now! Say goodbye to blue light. If you install app from a third party store other than Google Play, the install button will not work. Please turn off the filter temporarily to enable installation. Eye Protect Blue Light Filter download for android 4. This is cumulative rating, most best apps on google play store have rating 8 from Total reviews in google play store Total number of five star reviews received This app has been rated like bad by number of users.

You can visit their website http: I highly recommend Iris to everyone who cares about his eyesight. To a person with computer eye strain, Iris offers much more than any other blue light filter app. Iris is my go to software to manage my MacBook screen brightness and color. I love how simple it is to block harmful blue light yet the advanced options are there too to give me even more customisation options when I feel like it. I recommend Iris to everyone who uses a computer to help protect their eyes and circadian rhythms. I love Iris and always have it running on my computer.

It blocks blue light better than goofy glasses, gives me complete control over my screen display and also addresses lesser known health risks like flicker rate, glare and more. Everyone who uses computer especially in the evening before sleep will feel the difference. This app can literally change your sleep habits. I and my coworkers have the app on all devices we use.

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Easy to use - takes a minute to set up. I'm really happy that I was able to find Iris. It solved my headache and sleeping issues.

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As IT Project Manager I spend a lot of time during the day on a PC and mobile devices so it's really important for me to have a software that gives me the ability to control the amount of blue on all devices! Iris does that and not only that. It helps you take rests and reduce eye strain. It's a great software and I've been using it for over a year. I've recommended it to all my colleagues and most of them are using it all the time!

Congrats and thanks Daniel for making this awesome software.

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It's all about light! Spending more than 10 hours a day in front of the computer was once a struggle for my eyes, but since Iris came along, eyes got much better and relieved. Late hours PC work doesn't affect my sleep anymore. I honestly can't imagine my life without it now. There's also an interesting personal story behind the origin of the app, which was quite inspiring to me. Thank you Daniel Georgiev for coming up with this valuable solution!

Extremely useful and awesome! That's Iris. Iris is a must for every professional who spends a lot of time in front of the computer, especially at night. Do yourself a favor and get rid of the headaches and prevent the eye strain. I used to have a lot of eye strain as I spend most of my time in front of computers with multiple monitors, either at work or at home.

After I have discovered Iris I started to use it on all computers that I work with. Iris is easy to use, you can feel the reduced eye strain and sleep cycle normalization in about a week in my case. Keep up the good work Daniel! Thank you for creating Iris, Daniel! I am using it for both my personal and my working PC and it is super useful.

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My eyes are thankful! For all of you who don't believe in this software, if you tried it you will never look again a monitor without it! I'm a developer by day and became interested in Iris after reading a Quora talk about programming languages. Reading those words made me feel this had got to be an elegant and sophisticated piece of software and indeed it is! I downloaded it and put it to work immediately, to my benefit! My eyes are not so tired after many hours working on a computer they are not red and I even forgot to wear my glasses.

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Wonderful product! I really appreciate what Iris did with my eyes. Thank you, Iris! I tested a lot of programs and Iris was my desired option after I saw it was simple and elegant.

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It has a lot of options for customization now. For programming is essential not only resting the eyes but take a break to all parts of the body. Using the color temperature according to timezone helps me to keep my sleep cycle in check, which is necessary to let the body produce melatonin and prevent all sort of diseases, especially for people like me that like to work in the night. This piece of software actually improved my life!

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As soon as I started the software, the change was immediately felt and the tension in my eyes during my work with the computer dropped to the minimum. So I am thankful for what you have created. Keep on with your good work: Keep going. Great product. Keep up the good work! I use to spend a lot of time on the internet because of my job. I am using Iris with all my devices and I am very happy with it. Like most IT people I have eye problems and Iris helps a lot.

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I recommend it! When I began to use Iris I was surprised on how it functions it made things a lot easier for my health and my eyes. I can finally enjoy using my devices at night time without eyestrain. I was working on a large project until late night.

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