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Forgot to mention in my answer that the battery was replaced and once the new battery drained the phone still wouldn't take a charge. Hence the apple tech saying charge port dock wasn't any good. Currently we are trying other suggestions given in the answers here. Show 16 more comments. Armald Imeraj. I would suggest first to try another charger! Than by what you say, "It had been taking a really long time to charge lately, but once it's charged, the battery seems to hold it just fine.

I would suggest to take it at a service point since it is out of warranty.

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If it really has problems with charging circuits which are docked to the board you can't do much on your own. Thanks for the response! I've definitely ruled out the charger. I've tried the car charger, the wall charger, a PC, a laptop as well as a few different cables. Nothing has worked so far. I decided to go to a local, family-owned service shop since I couldn't seem to pinpoint the problem myself.

They were wiling to diagnose the issue at no cost. The first thing they tried was a new battery, and that immediately did the trick. They then offered to finalize the repair for a very reasonable price. I might have been able to do it myself, but I probably would have spent half of a day trying to get it back together. I left it like that because i was tired. Today i charged it, then go back to sleep. When i woke up i thought its going to be find. But,it wont turn on. Then i used another cable and it works just fine but it took hours. Just now it flicked. Then i asked my sister to check it.

Then she unplugged it to try another cable but it wont turn on at all.. Show 7 more comments. Ok, this is too late to help, but I thought I'd answer anyway in case someone else finds this post whilst searching for the problem. Here's how to fix it:. Lithium batteries have protection against over-discharging, they do this by breaking the circuit if the voltage drops too low to prevent further drain.

Unfortunately, once this has triggered, you can no longer put charge back into the battery because the battery is disconnected internally, so no matter how long you leave the phone on charge, it remains disconnected and flat. You only need to get the voltage in the battery to raise a percent or two to reconnect the protection circuit so that it will charge again and you can do that by warming up the battery.

You may get away with leaving the phone overnight in a very warm hot place, such as on top of a hot water tank, however a more efficient way is to remove the battery and heat it up until it's quite hot with a hairdryer on its hottest setting. Heat it for a good mins so that the hear soaks right through the battery and it feels hot to the touch, this will raise the internal voltage enough to reconnect the protection circuit. Immediately reconnect the battery into the phone and put it on charge.

After about mins, enough charge should get back into the battery to fire up the phone and it'll come back to life. I've done this a few times now on various different models and it always works.


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Hope it helps you. Show 71 more comments. I hope I am not to late. What I did because I have the 5 and it did the same thing. It wouldt come on but it would show the battery was charging so what I did was make sure the phone is plugged up to the charger but here is the trick. Plug in a flat iron, clothing iron, blow dryer or stove and set your phone very close but not close enough to cause damage to the phone. And I'm leaving on a trip tomorrow, totally chaos when my phone didn't work.

Thanks a lot man! You saved my day!!!! The heat suggestion does work! Show 20 more comments. Once a battery has died beyond charging it will not charge from wall or pc no matter how much you try. I'd suggest investing in a new battery and a new charging port dock connector then you know you have a clean starting point. As the phone is dead you don't have to worry about powering off before you start troubleshooting, but it's a good point to remember if you need to go back in and check connections once you have replaced those parts. What's the best thing to use to clean the dock connector?

Can I use rubbing alcohol or will that set off the moisture sensor? Mohammad Kalim. Why my iPhone 5s suddenly it will very heated why Taylor Ingram. I was wary of the hair dryer technique when my phone wouldn't turn on so I tried just warming it up with my body heat while it was plugged into the wall.

This did the trick! My iPhone 7plus won't turn on after the battery has drained for about half day. And when I plug the charger, the screen flicks red battery after several hours I still had nothing. Victoria brilliantmind.

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Really hope this current advice helps others!! Hello i had the same problem, its like the above post there is a fusible link of sorts and it opens the circuit when the battery power gets too low. I just took off the phone case and plugged it in and placed the phone about 2 inches from a light bulb. The phone has to heat up to close the fusible link. Andy Tate. I have found numerous times with so called "smart" battery chargers as needed for Li-Ion but also NiMh or even lead acid leisure batteries that they refuse to charge a really discharged battery. Their internal logic does not cope for a very flat battery.

First time I just bought a new battery online and away it went. This time I used the trick mentioned by an earlier poster. Just get a few 1. This will give enough charge to bring the BL5CB voltage out of "deep discharge" and then I put it back in the Nokia , DON'T turn the phone on as not enough charge to power it, but straight away plug in and switch on the charger. Takae care not to use any power supply which can provide too much current as it will probably blow the protection fuse inside the BL-5CB. I measured my charge rate last night with an inline multimeter and it was only 30mA.

Fit new battery in phone works great for two days, then got left overnight without charge, nothing.. What is happening is the phone is not warning of a low battery and does not switch off when the battery gets two low, so the battery gets discharged beyond what the charger can recover it from. Joined 3 x 1. Oh yea, I also tried the heat trick, but no luck, after that I figured I had nothing to lose so went down the road of the battery bank, what you are doing there is simply feeding power from a high level to a low level until they are equal.

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This worked for me too! An old iPhone we use as a device for kids was lost and dead a month. Plugged in all day couldn't get it to come to life, only the red dead battery. Left it plugged in, hairdryer to the back about min and within a minute the apple logo came back and then it worked! Jakie Dines,your trick is true,I have done it and the phone is alive again. Thank you for sharing this.

Why won't my iPhone charge after the battery drained completely?

Alex Kopaigora. The following steps revived an iPhone5: The complete restore process in DFU mode may need to be repeated or more time before the iPhone revives. I'd give up after 10 tries. I would not recommend paying for a battery replacement. Usually it is a software issue. Once an iPhone's battery has been discharged completely, the software date and other parameters seem to get lost, preventing iPhone from properly functioning.

Andrew peeela. I can confirm the hairdryer method works.

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  • Not first time for me, but after about 15 mins of a hairdryer while plugged into macbook with itunes open, and it took 3 attempts until recovery mode began. Happened to me a few times when I let the battery completely drain. I just put it under my laptop and it will start charging again.

    Is there a way to charge my iPhone while it is turned off?

    I guess the heat under the laptop will do the trick. Kathleen McOwen. I used a blow dryer to warm mine up and then tried a fourth apple charger. Finally it's charging. Naeema Abdullah. My Iphone 6 was not charging and can't turn on after updating to IOS I sat on my phone for 2 mins and force reboot and it turned out fine! Emerald Jude somerandomalien. As the following people said, "Place near hot source". I agree! My phone is kind of broken so it isn't the best and I left to to charge. The battery got drained and this had happened before. I placed my phone under my laptop, since it heats up.

    Yes, it will turn on once it reaches the minimum charge needed to start the phone. There is another way also.

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    • That doesn't turn it on. Perhaps if you explain how you reboot "reboot" your answer might be clearer. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password.

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