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And because the Torch has both a traditional BlackBerry keypad and an on-screen "virtual" keyboard, Torch users get the best of both worlds when it comes to shortcuts. Check out my BlackBerry Bible page for expert keypad shortcuts and touch-screen keyboard tricks. RIM has for the past couple of years packed two cords along with most BlackBerry smartphones: That means one less cable to carry around, and to me, that's a good thing.

I also very much appreciate how the Torch micro USB cable is at least a foot longer than the annoyingly short micro USB cords that came along with recent BlackBerry devices. That means the Torch can store roughly 36GB of data at a given time. It ships with a 4GB microSD card.

And you can always carry multiple media cards to boost the total amount of storage. The BlackBerry slider was originally rumored to be another BlackBerry "Bold"--shots of the device with Bold branding even popped up online. Torch was acquired by RIM in August, The upraised bezel-edges around the keyboard make it feel more cramped than its Bold and counterparts.

My Favorite Apps Pt. 2 YouVersion's Bible App

The Torch is an exception, as it comes with no case at all. Whether you prefer to tote your BlackBerry smartphone in a holster or case on your belt, or within a skin or sleeve in a jacket or pants pocket, here's a list of your best options for practical, stylish cases. Android-on-the-PlayBook pickings are somewhat slim right now, but there are some quality apps out there if you know where to look, starting with these 10 great free downloads. Access your favorite social networks, quickly take notes, draw sketches and build scrapbooks, kill time with simple games and much more with these free first-rate apps.

The Angry Birds are coming soon to a BlackBerry PlayBook near you, in the meantime there are plenty of excellent games already here that truly put the "play" in PlayBook. Here are 10 of the best, and most are free. Quality apps for RIM's new tablet are few and far between right now, but they do exist.

BlackBerry Torch 10 Things You Didn't Know About It | Network World

Not every BlackBerry application is all it's cracked up to be. Before your next trip, check out 10 of the best travel-minded mobile applications for BlackBerry smartphones. Think smartphones and summer vacation, like oil and water, simply don't mix? We beg to differ. Just because you employ your BlackBerry for work, doesn't mean it can't play hard, as well. The following 10 BlackBerry apps are guaranteed to enhance any getaway - and help you realize the full potential of your mobile device.

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BlackBerry users can finally download the new, free LinkedIn for BlackBerry application, which offers mobile access to basic LinkedIn functionality including the ability to view contacts' status updates, respond to new connection invites and send and receive LinkedIn messages. BlackBerry users just got a whole new way to store and access contacts on the go: Xobni for BlackBerry. Here's why.

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  2. Free BlackBerry Apps: Nine Torch 9800 Compatible Downloads.
  3. Free BlackBerry Apps: Nine Torch Compatible Downloads | CIO!
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Looking for the best free BlackBerry apps on the Web? Our latest set of no-cost downloads includes a mobile search option that gives new meaning to the term "hands-free" and an awesome Internet radio app that saves your stations and settings across multiple devices: PC, iPhone, BlackBerry, whatever. Most folks agree: The best kind of BlackBerry app is a free BlackBerry app.

Software Downloads

On that note, you're sure to appreciate the following five free downloads, which include a great new way to gauge your smartphone's connection speeds and a mobile-version of a classic video game. The real challenge is not simply locating freebies, it's finding quality free BlackBerry software. That's why we put our thumbs to the keyboard and came up with five of the best free BlackBerry downloads on the Web.

These five great free BlackBerry applications can help you stay up to date on news, keep in touch with colleagues and friends, communicate with social networking contacts and instantly diagnose the "health" of your handset. In the three months since RIM released the BlackBerry Storm in the United States, mobile software developers haven't wasted any time cranking out applications for the first touch-screen BlackBerry. Here are our picks for five of the best free BlackBerry Storm downloads the Web has to offer.

RIM released its brand new touch screen BlackBerry Storm less than a month ago, but you can already find a number of quality mobile applications available for the device--and many of them won't cost you a dime. Here are our picks for the best seven free BlackBerry Storm apps on the Web. Check out the following six free downloads. Screen shots for this slide show were taken using Capture It. Download Capture It via BlackBerry.

BlackBerry Torch Hot Hardware but Software Lukewarm.

Google Maps

A Visual Tour. Google Maps for BlackBerry is a treasure trove of valuable features and information packed into a single mobile app. Find walking, biking, driving and public transit directions; view your location on a map; find nearby business listing; search by voice; check out satellite imagery of your area; view traffic alerts; and much more. Download Google Maps via BlackBerry.

In comes Plug It In, a free BlackBerry app that works on the Torch and lets you choose when you want to know your battery is low: You can also choose to receive audible alerts and accompany them with custom LED colors. Flight Mode for BlackBerry downloads all additional content needed to view "truncated" BlackBerry e-mail before you turn off your device for flight. Just activate Flight Mode before your plane takes off, and the app downloads additional content, turns off wireless connections and powers down your BlackBerry.

Turn it back on in-flight, and you're good to go.

Free BlackBerry apps: Nine Torch 9800 compatible downloads

Sure, you can search the Web using the search section of your BlackBerry browser's "start" page, but why would you when you could employ Google's Mobile App for BlackBerry? Besides offering a less cluttered search-interface, Google Mobile App lets you search by your location for nearby results.

And you can search via voice—no typing needed. You know those funky, multicolor barcode-like "tags" popping up on movie posters, flyers, in magazines and just about everywhere else? They're meant to quickly provide cell-phone users with additional information on a given subject, and they're really quite cool. But they're also useless if you don't have an app that can translate them into Web links, like Microsoft's free Tag Reader.

bible app for blackberry torch 9800 Bible app for blackberry torch 9800
bible app for blackberry torch 9800 Bible app for blackberry torch 9800
bible app for blackberry torch 9800 Bible app for blackberry torch 9800
bible app for blackberry torch 9800 Bible app for blackberry torch 9800
bible app for blackberry torch 9800 Bible app for blackberry torch 9800
bible app for blackberry torch 9800 Bible app for blackberry torch 9800
bible app for blackberry torch 9800 Bible app for blackberry torch 9800
bible app for blackberry torch 9800 Bible app for blackberry torch 9800

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