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Each app was launched, force quit, and then launched again. The times below are the average of three launches.

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Some of the iOS 11 apps don't fare too badly, in absolute terms. These are, in the scheme of things, small differences, but seconds and fractions of seconds spent waiting on a phone over its lifetime do add up. Speaking strictly in qualitative terms, using iOS 11 on an iPhone 5S doesn't feel bad. You notice the impact of background tasks more than you used to—updating apps or downloading a bunch of music in the background makes the whole phone feel sluggish.

iOS 6 benchmarks: Geekbench

But taking pictures, sending e-mails, and scrolling through apps is still more than responsive enough to be usable, and I rarely find myself wanting to throw the 5S through the nearest wall like I did with the 4S a couple of years ago. Compare the load times for some of the apps above to the load times for the same apps on the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S under iOS 10 or iOS 9.

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The 5S is still significantly faster, even with iOS Safari performance improves marginally in common benchmarks, though in the heavier JetStream benchmark it regresses just a bit. Don't expect rendering speeds to improve much overall. It often shaves around a quarter-second or so from the longer app launch times—apps that take around a second to launch don't benefit, but apps that take two or three seconds to load normally do. Last year we released a feature for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 s and iPhone SE to smooth out the instantaneous peaks only when needed to prevent the device from unexpectedly shutting down during these conditions.

We've now extended that feature to iPhone 7 with iOS That's arguably a satisfying response. If, after a period of time, your products' batteries cannot handle the maximum power of the CPU, it makes sense to throttle performance to avoid shutdowns. However, what's odd is Apple's silence on this "feature" until being called out on it.

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iPhone 3GS (iOS ) - Geekbench Browser

A cynic would say many users would assume their iPhones were slow because of old age, leading them to purchase a new model, even if they didn't really need to. More iPhone purchases mean more money for Apple, obviously. Maybe that's not what Apple had in mind when implementing these performance drops in iOS, however, it's not a baseless theory. Apple has included a way to tell if your battery is need of service in iOS Just open up your Settings, then select "Battery.

Now that you know a new battery may solve your slow iPhone, that may be the best route to take unless you want to pay a ton more for a newer iPhone model. If your iPhone is still under its one-year warranty, take it to Apple to get it replaced free of charge. You can also take it to a third-party repair shop if you're crunched for time.

These shops are likely more expensive, but they have a faster turnaround in most cases. However, you can also get into the DIY spirit and do the repair yourself at home.

iOS 11 on the iPhone 5S: Slower, but not quite slow

They even sell batteries with toolkits for cheaper than Apple or any third-party repair shop will charge. If you already have the tools needed, you can buy a battery elsewhere online, just make sure to do your research that the seller is trustworthy and giving you a legit battery that won't die in a week.

Apple iPhone 3Gs iOS 6.1.6 Geekbench testing benchmark result [4K ᵁᴴᴰ]

To prevent this, you can get replacement adhesive strips and instructions from iFixit as well. Alternatively, you could use something like jewelry glue to seal the iPhone 7 or higher back up, but we'd recommend the strips if you're new to iPhone repairs. The same with my iPhone 5 s. The Geekbench 2 benchmark provides bit performance using all available processor cores, the Geekbench 3 benchmark provides bit and bit performance each with a single processor core and all available processor cores, and the Geekbench 4 benchmark provides bit performance with a single core and all processor cores in addition to graphics performance -- which Primate Labs refers to as its "Metal" benchmark -- and an estimate of relative battery life.

Higher numbers are better.

iOS 6 benchmarks: Page Load

Geekbench 2, Geekbench 3, and Geekbench 4 results cannot be compared across versions. Geekbench results also are provided on Everyi. The Ultimate iComparison allows for dynamic side-by-side comparison of Geekbench results for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch models.

Special thanks to Primate Labs for all the work developing the excellent Geekbench benchmarking tool. Please show your support by purchasing a copy of the software.

geekbench iphone 3gs ios 6 Geekbench iphone 3gs ios 6
geekbench iphone 3gs ios 6 Geekbench iphone 3gs ios 6
geekbench iphone 3gs ios 6 Geekbench iphone 3gs ios 6
geekbench iphone 3gs ios 6 Geekbench iphone 3gs ios 6
geekbench iphone 3gs ios 6 Geekbench iphone 3gs ios 6

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